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Two cabs jewelry grade Larimers pectolites squarish rectangle rough gem stones jewelery designer chunks pieces lots Raw uncut lapidary parcels 9.99

Gorgeous chunks of more square but some rectrangular shaped blue and white patterned Larimar cabbing rough - bottom picture is not the same stone but shows an example one of these stones soaked in water for a long time to get an idea how the stone listed can be when polished ( the blue parts of the dry should turn more blue , possibly not as blue , for all the stones in the purchased rough lot ) - Nice pieces of larimar rough that could be used in a necklace, bracelet, earrings or cabbed into a cabochon for other pieces of jewelry - A rare form of Pectolite , a volcanic gemstone - Will make a beauty of a cabochon designer jewelery piece - the twenty one chunky stones lot parcel shown in the picture are the ones the the two stones are selected out of

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