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Red orange Mexican FIRE flash color play OPAL Rough gemstone matrix Faceting Cabbing 5 half carat



Red orange Mexican FIRE flash color play OPAL Rough gemstone matrix 3416
Red orange Mexican FIRE flash color play OPAL Rough gemstone matrix 3416
Red orange Mexican FIRE flash color play OPAL Rough gemstone matrix 3416
Hot top but deeper darker and lighter bi color mix of red and yellow orange Mexican matrix FIRE flash color play precious OPAL Chunky facet cab rough gemstone collectors mineral specimen Raw uncut lapidary jewelry cabs grade chunk
Carat Weight measurement : 5.50 carats ct or around 1.10 grams gr

Quantity : one

Size length width height dome dimensions : ~ 12.90 x 9.73 x 9.93 mm - see mm ruler below

Shape : blocky shaped

Color range hue : Deep but dark red and yellow orange with green flashes
Clarity Quality : Translucent , some inclusions with waste around the edges ; may have a bit of fracturing
Country of Origin : Mexico
Enhancement treatment : None - Natural gem stone
NICE facet cab rough mexican fire opal with a bit of color play - Super nice hot reddish yellow orange bi-colored mixture - One of the most prized gemstones

Product type : Jewels
Use : Jewelry

Use good lighting behind , in front and sides when taking digital camera pictures ; sometimes can be backlit for pics - Computer monitors and lighting can cause stone photos to vary with hues / tones - Pictures enlarged / angled to enhance view / appearance to get best snapshot as loose gemstones might look in natural state from mother nature or after being cut to help determine how they might look when placed in jewelery silver or gold settings - Stones measured with caliper tools and use other equipment like loupes - Some items easier to photograph with facets more difficult , try to capture ok ~ North American Colorado CO Sales license dealer - Selling colored finished polished and raw uncut lapidary earth rough gems etc. from around the world for Artisans , Crafters , Cutters , SilverSmiths , GoldSmiths and Jewelers - We strive to supply sterling service from our online shop / store - Work for Customer satisfaction per policies

Quantity Available : 1

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If a lot or parcel, the picture hopefully is representative and may not be
the quantity or actual stones but will be similar. If for a single stone, the
stone in the pic is the one you will receive unless stated otherwise,
try to get photo color right but monitors and home lighting can vary.

If the stones are drilled, we state that in the description. Please refer to mm ruler below, if unfamiliar with millimeter. Items in photos enlarged to show detail, try to adjust to get picture close. If a lot or pairs, try to get the picture to represent the quality and color per our monitor not necessarily the quantity, see desc. Stones may be lighter or darker or vary in color hue. Faceted and cabbed stones can vary in size width and dome, most not calibrated. Tips : If buying a pair of cut gems, check out other best similar single stones for a 3 stone piece set.

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Items in pictures enlarged to show detail
The standard of measurement for gemstones is carat and mm
ctw or cts is a combined carat weight

Size: 1/2 inch = 12.7 mm ( millimeter ) ; Weight : 1 metric carat ct = .2 grams


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